Exhibition Peter Aerts

At Gert Voorjans, Peter Aerts presents a new body of work, OCEAN MYTHS, based on his experience living in a deserted village on a tiny Greek island. He explores imagined histories, subconscious myths and mysteries of oceanic archaeology. His sculptures with their sensual, undulating forms appear like fossils from the deep sea floor. Aerts’ work embodies the physical immediacy and ageold methods of his practice, which is framed within the growing cultural movement towards craft and slowness. **EXPO: Saturdays & Sundays 06.05 'till 11.06 2PM - 6PM**

Gert Voorjans x Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson has collaborated with interior and architectural extraordinaire Gert Voorjans to create an exuberant fabric collection. Sharing Jim Thompson’s penchant for vibrance, colour is a key component of Gert’s designs. His schemes are notoriously unconventional, always innovative and surprising. Gert Voorjans for Jim Thompson is no exception, aiming to seductively lure interior designers to embrace exciting and daring combinations in their projects. A whole spectrum of colours have been mixed together in order to create inviting rooms that are warm, artistic, livable, and one of a kind.

Hotel Flora

Hotel Flora, a boutique hotel with 7 unique rooms in a 15th century merchant's house in the historic heart of Antwerp. With its original Rococo gatehouse, Chinese Pagoda, spacious city garden, library and authentic ornaments, Hotel Flora is an historical jewel. In order to create a connection with the present, Voorjans opted for a modern and dynamic interior. Rather than hanging typical works of art in frames on the walls, Gert Voorjans involved artist Nils Verkaeren. Voorjans challenged Verkaeren to leave his artistic presence directly on the walls within the botanical theme and the semi-precious-stone colour scheme

Cosmopolitan Maximalism

London, Paris, Shanghai? There are no clues to indicate that this flat is in Ghent’s historic city centre. It feels more as if it is situated in the 16th-century Quartier Latin, where Napoleon once resided during his stay in the Belgian city during the early 19th century. The flat even overlooks the pump where his horses would have been watered. Voorjans was determined to create a cosmopolitan pied-à-terre, a trendy and luxurious residence that would be right at home in any world-class metropolis.


Fifteen years after the launch of their first store, openend a new multi-brand store in a unique townhouse on the Volkstraat. They've turned the place into a surprising store while preserving the homely character of the building. Voorjans opted for a private, homely atmosphere with a wide range of experiences. The functions of the various rooms you’ll find in our house have been maintained in the design. On the two floors, we used bright block colours, including Coca-Cola red, pink, Gauloise blue and dark green.

Selected Projects