Roaring Knokke

From the outside, this interbellum weekend getaway is entirely characteristic of Knokke: a white façade in Normandy style, red tile roof, bow windows. The interior is anything but average, however. Voorjans took a dramatic departure from the typical Belgian straitjacket of interiors in beige, taupe and whitewash. He opted for an exuberant mixture of Italian glam and cosmopolitan allure, even adding a jazzy twist here and there. ‘I wanted to evoke the atmosphere of a little Italian family hotel. This interior would be equally appropriate in a manor house owned by a Tuscan nobleman. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t have to feel the sea’s proximity in here, as long as the interior radiates sophisticated luxury: an inviting spot for a holiday weekend,’ he explains

Liz Marcus

Maruani Mercier suggested a unique collaboration between Gert Voorjans and the American artist Liz Markus. Liz Markus cannot predict how her work will ultimately look. Using acrylic on unprimed canvas, she lets the colours bleed, drip and collide. Then, as the painted surface dries, the image starts to spread. Markus extraordinary skill and experience result in a painting similar to a watercolour, if not for the fact that acrylic leaves no room for mistakes. Her work is full of vibrant colours and references, giving it a pop culture feel. Markus is mostly inspired by strong women, dressed in the latest fashion and posing in beautiful rooms.

Florian Tomballe

Upcoming exhibtion autumn 2021

Gert Voorjans x Jim Thompson

Jim Thompson has collaborated with interior and architectural extraordinaire Gert Voorjans to create an exuberant fabric collection. Sharing Jim Thompson’s penchant for vibrance, colour is a key component of Gert’s designs. His schemes are notoriously unconventional, always innovative and surprising. Gert Voorjans for Jim Thompson is no exception, aiming to seductively lure interior designers to embrace exciting and daring combinations in their projects. A whole spectrum of colours have been mixed together in order to create inviting rooms that are warm, artistic, livable, and one of a kind.

Cosmopolitan Maximalism

London, Paris, Shanghai? There are no clues to indicate that this flat is in Ghent’s historic city centre. It feels more as if it is situated in the 16th-century Quartier Latin, where Napoleon once resided during his stay in the Belgian city during the early 19th century. The flat even overlooks the pump where his horses would have been watered. Voorjans was determined to create a cosmopolitan pied-à-terre, a trendy and luxurious residence that would be right at home in any world-class metropolis.

Atelier Hors Catégorie

Like a sculptor who lives and works among hundreds of moulds, mallets and chisels. Like a painter who always needs his brushes close at hand to capture the colourful images in his mind’s eye. Like a couturier who receives his clientèle surrounded by bolts of cloth. That’s how Gert Voorjans lives and works in Antwerp.

Selected Projects